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How to get your Open University course grade for Introduction to API Economy

· Intro to API Economy

Apply to Tampere University Open University

NOTE: If you are an engineering student at Tampere University or you have FITech study right to this course, you do not need to apply study right via Open University.

Fill in this form
  • Remember to add the Introduction to API Economy course in the application.
You will receive a course acceptance email from Tampere University on the following working day.
  • The email says you are accepted to study on course PLA-55600, Introduction to API Economy
  • Gives you instructions to activate a Tampere University user account
  • Instructions to sign up for the course via the university system.
Note: You have to wait until the next day to be able to activate your account at the University
Remember to enroll in the course at Osaango Academy. 
While waiting for the open university acceptance, you can start studying your course and even complete it in our course platform. You'll find the registration here: The one day delay is just about getting your university credits for the course.

Get your Tampere University account and sign up for the course

After you have received your acceptance email from Open University of Tampere University and waited for the next day:

  1. Get your Tampere University user account and email here
  2. Login to
  3. Select “Study guide and sign-up” -tab
  4. Change search criteria and click search:
    1. Course “Introduction to API economy”
    2. Location “Tampere”
  5. Select the course in the results by clicking its name
  6. Sign-up to the course by clicking the “Sign-up” button in the middle of the page
  7. The course description says there are 12 assignments and one final project, but this has been changed.

Get your grade from the Open University after completing the course at Osaango Academy

  1. Make sure you got your certificate from the Osaango Academy, copy the link to the certificate from the email
  2. Login to
  3. Search for the courses you are signed up or you have completed in “Studies” and use “Select all”
  4. Click on the course name
  5. Click on the link “Send message to teacher” under the “Persons responsible for implementation”
  6. Go to -> choose certificate and click “view”
  7. Wait until you are redirected to the certificate page where you see the certificate and badge. Copy the link that looks like this from the browser address bar
  8. Paste the link to your certificate to the message box and type title “Can you add my grade, please”
  9. Send message
  10. After appr. 7-14 days you should see the course marked in your study record “Studies” > “My Study records”
  11. For the grade to appear in your record, you need to give feedback in “Submit feedback”

After the teacher has graded the course, you will see the course in the list and a link under “Kaiku-feedback” to give feedback. You will get the course credit after you give the feedback.

If you need to share your course credit with another university or school, use the “Transcript of records” button to get a printout of your grades after you have given the feedback.

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