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What does Developer Experience have to do with profitability?

Learn to do it with Jarkko Moilanen & Marjukka Niinioja

· Developer Experience,API Economy 101

Marjukka: "Hi, my name is Marjukka Niinioja. I'm the founding partner and APItalista from Osaango, and co-author of API Economy 101, and I have here my fellow co-author, also writing the same book, and he's also the Platform of Trust chief development officer. And you are calling yourself the doctor of developer experience. Can you tell me what that is about?"

Jarkko: "It's about my passion towards the developer experience which is fundamental part of the API economy, and that's one of the topics for my further studies, and also topic of my Ph.D."

Marjukka: "That's interesting. And that's your second Ph.D?"

Jarkko: "Yeah. The first one was about the 3D printing, and this is about the API economy."

Marjukka: "That's logical."

Marjukka: "We are talking about developer experience, what does that mean? Who are the customers we are actually talking about?"


Jarkko: "Well, the primary customer is the developer who actually uses the API, if we're talking about the APIs. The secondary one is the manager. He needs to understand what is the value with that and the elements in it. But the significance of the developers as customers is something that is on the rise. Developers are making decisions about what products, what APIs, we actually take to use and what are we ready to pay for. So the decision making is transitioning to developers. So technical people are making decisions about commercial aspects of products and purchases. That is the topic or claim or hypothesis of my PhD as well because this is one of the things I have found. No one has actually proven it solidly yet".


Marjukka: "So what you are saying is that developers are slightly different kind of segment for marketing purposes than the traditional customers?"


Jarkko: "Yeah, they want to go to the point directly. They don't like fluffy talk and traditional commercial texts. They prefer the technical approach. So it's a different kind of segment to approach."


Marjukka: "So developer experience is like the customer experience and the user experience, but a little bit different. For example, the developers are not using so much UI (user interface) as code and coding tools."

Well designed Developer Experience saves you money and generates more revenue - in one word, is more profitable

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