• Student, Germany

    In any business, it’s important to recognize who your ‘customers’ are. The definition makes it clear: Defining characteristics of API Economy are competing for popularity among application developers and considering them as primary customers.​

    Student, Finland

    I agree on how powerful APIs can be but would like to highlight that understanding API Economy is essential also for other people too than just for developers. Developers are hardly making decisions what is going to be implemented. This was told in the course book, too, but not included in the definition.​

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    Student, Estonia

    I would add two things to the definition: 1- "to create added value for own customers" I would add: at low cost! 2- " company utilizes resources efficiently and quickly" I would add: considering the high-security level and a high degree of customization

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    FREE! The course has been developed in cooperation with Tampere University and Osaango, and it's available free at least until the end of 2019. Professor Marko Seppänen and APItalista and certified teacher, consultant and architect Marjukka Niinioja have designed the course curriculum.


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    It's a Master's level 1 credit (ECTS = avr. 25-27 h) course.
    You can study the course at your own time, unless you take it as part of a university program which sets a deadline. Just finish the course by end of 2019.

    What will you learn on this course

    You will learn the basics of why API economy is important part of economy, and how to inject APIs into the strategy of an organization.

    The focus of this course is more in providing Open APIs than in internal or private APIs, but you will get to understand all types of APIs.

    The course is structured so that you will first learn about the relationship of APIs to business models, including the platform economy as a business model. Then you will learn how to create value through APIs by designing them the right way. You will also learn the basics of attracting the most important customer group, the API consumers, mostly developers and their managers.


    The learning goals of this course are:

    • Learn how to create competitive, smart offering with APIs

    • Understand the difference between business models and APIs
      in Platforms, Platform Economy or Partner Ecosystems

    • Start building or buying the right API for the right
      the purpose in the right way

    • Market to B2D (Business-to-Developers) segment and
      build a competitive edge with good Developer Experience (DX)

    Previous knowledge

    No previous knowledge of APIs needed and no technical no-how, but also suitable for IT professionals wanting to learn more about business-side of APIs.

    Course materials

    Each section of the course has resource materials listed. We aim to use only freely readable academic articles, but there may be some you might not be able to access unless you are enrolled at a university. We try to keep these to a minimum. A book "API Economy 101" is a recommended companion for this course.

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