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  • This is just an introduction, but suitable for Master's level studies at universities

    This course is not "Master's course for API Economy" but a university Master's level course. So this course is meant for people who have not encountered API Economy as a business model before, even if they had some knowledge of APIs as technology. If you are looking for a deep-dive of API Economy, contact us. If just an introduction is ok, continue reading about this course.

    Our students

    After taking this course you will be able to think about API and Platform Economies as possibilities for your or your customers' business models.


    Our students say that the course has changed how they think and work:

    • They are now better at providing service to their customers,
    • They have tons of new ideas related to their ongoing projects and 
    • Their thinking about APIs (as just a technical thing) has been transformed.

    Sharing knowledge is important for your learning

    Students also share information about APIs they have come across or used, so this is a great way to get more familiar with the APIs out there.

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